• Steve

    Steve Kimmell, Director, worked at Hewlett Packard in Corvallis, Oregon for twenty years before leaving to assume his calling in March of 2001. Co-founder of SSYO with his wife, Tena, Steve has overseen the growth of all areas of SouthSide Youth Outreach. His vision is clearly seen in various aspects of care given to the kids. Whether it is helping a child process a hard situation at home or pounding nails for construction or doing paperwork for administration, Steve will see it through with a loving heart and a fervant spirit. He has overseen the incorperation of SSYO, the remodel and addition of the new building, the birth of new programs and most importantly he has been "Papa" Steve to hundreds of children.

  • Chuck

    Chuck Lund, Volunteer Coordinator, has a breadth of experience from his 20 years as a bank manager throughout Latin America, 9 years as administrator of a small seminary in Madrid, Spain and 4 years spent starting an inner city outreach to street children in Panama City, Panama. Chuck and his wife, Flerida, have three adult children, two sons and a daughter.

  • Tena

    Christena "Tena" Kimmell, Co-Director, has worked as a registered nurse since 1994. She started and has been the heart and soul of the SSYO flagship program called Tuesday Club. She and her husband Steve have parented four biological children to adulthood as well as several "adopted" children including one who currently live with them. Tena's desire is to see kids from hard environments have hope. Coming from a similar situation to many of these kids, she knows first hand what it takes to overcome and the challenges posed to these kids.

  • Ed

    Ed Volker, Transportation Manager, takes care of all the needs around the bus and van fleet of SSYO. This vital function helps as SSYO busses-in around 80% of the kids who attend Tuesday Club. The fleet is also used to take kids to camps, conferences, mission trips, and summer school. Ed also volunteers as a Tuesday Club teacher and an ACES volunteer.

  • Matt

    Matt Kimmell is the Director of Youth Programs. In the school year he oversees the ACES after-school program along with programs for teens. Awaken Youth Community(AYC) is the 6th-12th grade group that happens on Tuesday evenings alongside Tuesday club. AYC does a wide array of activities including camps, conferences, game nights and a fun summer program called Bomb Squad. For 6 weeks in the summer, Bomb Squad happens as a way to help teens have something constructive and enjoy a relationship with Jesus, which is Matt's main goal and focus. In 2010 Matt married the love of his life Rebecca and they enjoy spending time with friends and playing with their dog Schatzli.

  • Flerida

    Flerida Lund, Accounting Assistant, a bank teller when Chuck discovered her, is focused on the many accounting and clerical functions needing attention to keep the ministry on track. She is a native of The Dominican Republic and has been married to Chuck for 39 years.

  • Justin

    Justin works behind the scenes assisting the office as well as organizing and updating the more detail oriented parts of SSYO, Inc. Including but not limited to: database building, website maintenance, office tasks, graphic design, technology research and development, etc.